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22 April 2010 @ 08:30 pm
member survey  

1. What brought you to Express Nirvana?

It was mentioned over at the boring_people community and, by nature, I was drawn to it because it didn't have much of a description or anything. I checked it out and thoroughly enjoyed the concept and would love to give it a try.

2. How would you describe your position in the art world [ art student, artist, admirer, etc. ]?
I'd say I'm an artist of some description. My work isn't mind-blowing but it's not poor either. I have taken art classes throughout highschool and some courses over the summer at the art and design college in my city.

3. What style[s] of art do you prefer to use in your work? What style[s] do you rarely use, if any?
I'd have to say I prefer to use surrealism. I would not use realism, if by choice. I do however appreciate those who excel in realism. (:

4. Who is/are your favorite artist[s]?
I always struggle with this question, but...Schiele, Bill Brandt and Gustav Klimt are on my list of favourites.

5. What are your greatest influences?
My environment, my experiences and my beliefs.

6. What are your preferred mediums and tools of the trade? Do you have any signature mediums/tools?
I mostly use my camera and charcoal.

7. What are your favorite color schemes/patterns?
Analogous. <3

8. How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
Oh...oh dear. I cringe to say "angsty" so I'll say "thoughtful and film noir" instead. So there.

9. What are your other interests? What do you do when you're not creating art?
I'm shamefully an anti-social perfectionist, so I haven't broadened my horizons for quite some time. As of late though, I've started journaling, practicing meditation, studying the paranormal, studying film and baking.

10. Anything else you'd like to tell us? Feel free to ramble here.
I may seem cynical or sarcastic at times but I generally mean well...
My moods fluctuate and I'm a victim of black-and-white thinking. I don't have a very good sense of self. With art, I hope to improve that though. <3
Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!
Current Mood: accomplished
Bizar: Hello!cydciedah on April 27th, 2010 03:40 am (UTC)
Hello Julia! Nice to meet you and read a bit about you. :) High-five for anti-socialism! I suffer (or choose to suffer?) from the same personality trait. I'm excited to see your art and what you do! :)