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express_nirvana's Journal

Art Assignments for the Uninspired
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Express Nirvana is a community for artists or just art appreciators who find inspiration lacking and motivation nonexistant - who find, in their current lifestyle, that they are no longer putting time aside to create - who realize that they work much better when they have a clear objective - and who, perhaps most importantly, have a passion for the arts that they need to express.

Every three weeks, an art assignment will be announced to the community. Members interested in taking on the assignment may sign up to participate during a three day registration period. Once registration closes, participating members have two weeks to complete the assignment and post their work to the community so that others may admire, discuss, and critique their work.
We hope to eventually offer other ways for our members to create and share their artwork within the community. More details to come.
Please read all of the rules before joining.
1. Members must sign up for each individual assignment that they are interested in participating in. Registration posts are posted on Wednesdays and open until the following Friday.

2. Each assignment cycle last for two weeks, during which time participants are required to complete and present an artistic work to the community.

3. The required medium your piece must be done with will vary from assignment to assignment and sometimes not be specified at all. With that in mind, please pay attention to the assignment and adhere to any restrictions regarding medium.

4. Participation is vital to this community and its ideals. We use a "three strikes" system to dole out penalties for those that break rules, such as failing to complete an assignment on time, failing to follow an assignment's themes or requirements, or even failing to present a completed piece at all. Our "three strikes" system is as follows:

First Offense: Skip the next assignment.
Second Offense: Skip the next assignment [ strike 1 ].
Third Offense: Skip the next assignment [ strike 2 ].
Fourth Offense: Community removal [ strike 3, you're out ].

Strikes will be kept close track of, and members with strikes against them will always be made aware of the situation. There will be opportunities for members to redeem themselves.

5. Refer to the Posting Guide to correctly post your completed assignments.

6. Original works only. This is not a fanart community.

7. Pornography is not allowed. Artistic nudity, gore/blood, foul language, graphic violence and other adult themes, however, are allowed as long as you include warnings for content in your post.

8. Large pictures and bodies of text must be placed beneath an LJ cut.

9. Be aware that we use a concrit system [ details here ] that allows artists to choose how much constructive criticism they would like to receive from the community. Please familiarize yourself with it.

10. Do not be an asshole. Treat all members with respect.

11. Please remember to correctly tag your posts.
We welcome artists of all skill levels to join, whether you are a current/ex-art student, someone who has only ever viewed art as a hobby, or even if you've never held a paintbrush before in your entire life. As long as you have an active LiveJournal and demonstrate an interest in the arts, you're more than qualified to apply to join! We are currently accepting a huge batch of members [ as we are still a brand new community ] so apply today.

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