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22 April 2010 @ 12:26 am
Posting Guide  
1. Write your introductory blurb. "Hello, this is my first assignment, please be gentle with me."

2. Fill out the following header. I have included examples of how to fill each section.
Title: Chiding Fido
Assignment: Assignment #21: Animal Challenge
Medium/Tools: Colored pencils, watercolor paints, dog hair.
Warnings: Nudity.
Notes: I decided to draw my dog for this first assignment. You can tell that he didn't want to stand still.

Don't forget to use the bold tag, as it makes things much easier on the eyes.

3. Use an LJ cut. All large pictures and chunks of text must be put beneath an LJ cut [ you are, however, allowed to make a preview pic or banner for your posts if you'd like ]. If you use HTML mode, this means that you'll want to type the following [ replace *'s with < and >'s ]:

*lj-cut text="Change this text!"* Put your pictures and text here! */lj-cut*

If you're in Rich Text Mode, just click the LiveJournal Cut button on the toolbar.

4. Remember to tag your entry.

5. Once your formatting is complete, post to the community.